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Karen Szwast





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Linda Hyzenski

570.654.3001  Ext. 2




Garbage Collection


Place curbside by 6am 



Do your part.  Recycle and buy products with recycled content.




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Exeter Borough Recycling Information

     Residents can view and print a 2015 recycling schedule here.  To print properly, you will need 8.5 x14 paper.  The schedule's are also available at the Exeter Municipal Building, 1101 Wyoming Avenue in the white mailbox to the right of the front door.  They are also available at the following locations:  Turkey Hill, UniMart, Sabatini's Pizza, Modern Market, and Donut Connection.

Chase says,  " Recycle!  Do it right or it's garbage."


NOTE :  Residents are reminded that when a holiday falls on refuse day, your refuse will be picked up a day late.  This applies to recycling as well.

Attention :  All Exeter Residents and Municipal, Institutions and Commercial Establishments are mandated to recycle as per borough ordinance and provide recycling to all community events such as bazaars and sporting events.



    Recycling Calendar  View the 2016 recycling calendar by clicking here.

    DEP Home Composting Guide  Click here to read the DEP Home Composting Guide.



    Phone Book Collection

Phone books can be placed in the junk mail collection or dropped off at the recycling building.


[Click here for important recycling information]




Glass, plastic and metal – bottles, cans or jars only! Place together in recycling container. * Plastic household containers #1-7 are acceptable along with lids. 5 gallon containers are acceptable. Rinse containers, flatten plastic and metal, do not break glass.


No bags please. Place in square recycling container and keep dry No Glossy Inserts (place glossy inserts in junk mail/magazine collection)

Corrugated Cardboard

Cardboard with a ribbed section between two heavy layers of cardboard. Flatten & bundle in pieces no larger than 3’ X 3’. No food contaminated non-corrugated or wax coated card-board. CEREAL or SODA BOXES place with Junk Mail.

Junk Mail and Magazines

Includes all junk mail, envelopes, magazines, catalogues, glossy newspaper inserts, phone books and office or computer paper, non-corrugated cardboard such as cereal and soda boxes. Place in recycling container and keep dry.


Yard Waste

This includes shrubbery or grass clippings placed in open containers weighing less than 30 lbs. Tree limbs or trimmings are to be tied and bundled not exceeding 3’ length or ½” diameter. *Landscaper Company yardwaste is to be taken, not left curbside



Leaves are to be raked to the curb. Place curbside any day to be collected with the vacuum leaf loader. Collection will be frequent during the leaf collection weeks. Please try to avoid parking which blocks access to leaf piles.


Recycling Facts - Click Here

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