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Recycling Concerns Call; Exeter Borough Recycling Coordinator Rene Pizano at 570-891-4389

For Missed Recycling Please Call 570-654-3001 ext. 2

Trash and Recycling - Exeter Borough Single Stream Recycling

Single Stream Recycling is to be placed curbside by 6 AM on Mondays. Yard Waste is placed curbside by 6 AM on Thursday.

SINGLE STREAM COLLECTIONS consist of all commingled (glass, plastic and metal- bottles cans or jars), newspaper, cardboard, and junk mail. These materials can be placed in one container and put curbside every Monday. The recyclable materials that are being collected have not changed with the exception of shredded paper, which we no longer accept.

Acceptable materials and proper preparation for Single Stream:

  • COMMINGLED - glass, plastic and metal bottles, cans and jars only! Plastic household containers #1-7 are acceptable along with lids. Rinse containers, flatten plastic, and do not break glass.
  • NEWSPAPER and all inserts
  • CORRUGATED CARDBOARD - flatten and bundle in pieces no larger than 3’ by 3’. No food contaminated or wax coated cardboard.
  • JUNK MAIL & MAGAZINES - includes all junk mail, envelopes, magazines, catalogues, phone books, hardback books, office or computer paper, and non-corrugated cardboard.
  • YARD WASTE COLLECTIONS includes shrubbery or grass clippings placed in open containers weighing less at 30 pounds. Tree limbs or trimmings are to be tied and bundled not exceeding 3’ length or ½” diameter. Exeter does not accept yard waste from landscaping companies; therefore, it is not to be left curbside.
  • LEAF COLLECTIONS Leaves are to be raked to the curb. Placed curbside any day and will be collected with the leaf loader. Collection will be frequent during the leaf collection weeks. Please try to avoid parking that blocks access to leaf piles.

Schedule, Time & Location

  • Recycling Collection - Monday
  • Yard Waste & Leaf Collection - Thursday
  • Place curbside by 6 AM
  • Exeter Borough Recycling Building · 399 Slocum Ave. · Exeter · Phone (570) 693-2848
  • The Recycling Center is closed to public drop off · recyclables will be collected curbside
  • Monday to Friday · 6AM to 2 PM
  • Exeter Recycling Coordinator · Lynda at 654-3001 ext. 2
  • Garbage Collection · Wednesday
  • Exeter Refuse Coordinator · Linda Hyzenski · (570) 654-3001 X2

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Single Stream Recycling?
Single Stream Recycling refers to a new system that takes the two recycling streams, the paper products and commingled, and puts them together in one container. It is still important to follow the same guidelines applied to the source separated (two container) program, except the materials all go in the same container.

Why did Exeter choose Single Stream Recycling?

Placing all recycling materials out each week in one container provides convenience for residents and businesses. More people participate and more materials are removed from the waste stream. We are making recycling easier for you, so that there is no excuse to not recycling. Help our town achieve its goal of recycling 50% of waste stream by 2020.

Single Stream Recycling offers more efficient collections. Transportation and labor costs are reduced by collecting each household one time a week and picking up all commodities in one truck.

How are the materials separated?

Exeter Borough takes Single Stream Recyclables to market, where there is a combination of a handpicked separation of products and automated separation. The machine has a long conveyer belt that separates materials with blowers, screens and magnets.

Will there be a lot of contamination in the recyclables?

Not necessarily. This is why it is important for you to prove that a community fully educated and conscientious can make Single Stream Recycling a success by properly preparing only the materials accepted.

Won’t paper recycling get wet if I recycle my commingled with it? Does that make the paper non-recyclable?

Paper mills allow up to 5% moisture in the paper they buy, so it is not a problem. Part of the recycling process for remanufacturing paper includes water, so it is not a contaminant.

Are there any new materials that we are recycling?

Yes. Hardback books

Are there any materials that used to be collected that are no longer acceptable?

Yes. Shredded paper.